Anti-ballistic Prepregs

MICAM, as a leading manufacturer of prepregs for composite armour manufacture, offers a choice of fibre /resin combinations to suit a wide range of performance requirements and manufacturing methods.

Epoxide systems

Thermoplastic modified epoxy based systems have been developed by MICAM offering excellent adhesion to ceramic plates or other substrates for personal body armour applications demanding the highest levels of protection.

Phenolic systems

Phenolic resins are the most widely used resin systems in armour applications. The phenolic matrix can be modified by addition of thermoplastic to produce systems which are combined with aramid or nylon for the manufacture of helmets and personal body armour.

Systems of lower flexibility are recommended for applications where less complex shapes or sheets are required.

Specifically chosen resin systems offer good structural integrity with S-2 Glass, E-Glass and Aramid reinforcements.

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